Neutralizing Ring


This ring is all about clearing. We are literally pulling out negative energy and attachments. You can use one ring or two depending on how quickly you want to move. Depending on the strength of the attachments, you can pull from 6 to 9 layers of structuring.

The 4" ring is great for very local types of issues like bodily pain however the 9" ring, made with sacred geometry (on a nodal point), gives you a resonant opening frequency higher than any other shape. It also makes it possible to work the body much faster and completely smoke the auric field for a floating effect. 

Want to go for a ride? Stand on two 4" rings and clear your entire body in just seconds

 This protocol is only one of the many uses for the ring. Its uses include clearing non-organic material in food and water, reducing pain or preventing energy absorption from clients.

Test the heaviness before and after to notice the clearing.

Step 1. Clear vertically (flat along the body) within 1" of the body in order to clear the first zone and pull out the negative structuring from the first layer in your cells. Move along the body from the feet to just above the head on all sides. 

Step 2. Clear zone 2 which is about 1 foot away from the body and you do this by making your ring perpendicular to the body and again move from the feet to just over the head on all sides.  Do a pass vertical along each side as well as perpendicular.

Step 3. Clear zone 3 which is about 6 feet away from the body. Do a sweep in this zone and notice how your client feels. It could be better to have them lying down as it is common for the client to feel unstable. Do a pass vertical along each side as well as perpendicular .

This will give you a total of 8 passes. If your client is lying down, you will need to call on the Devas to help you clear the zones (the part of the body that is in contact with the table).

Call on the Devas, the nature spirit that is connected to everything. For example, by simply saying to yourself or outloud, "I call on the Devas to work the back of the body as well". Because the rings have such high Devas, you are able to request what part of the body you wish to work on. This will expand the auric field and create a cleared presence. Practitioners will also get the work provided to the client

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