Krystaline Beamer


The Krystaline Beamer is an energetic orgone energy tool that shoots out a stream of high vibrations. The Beamer is great for when you want to direct energies. This tool is handcrafted with electrically conscious alloys and coated with 24k gold to give all the ions some love.

The body is electrical, with minerals to help balance out the fluids in the body and keep molecules communicating. Mixing metals, with water and minerals make for a great conductor to move molecules in the body. Performing movement with the energy wand will give it an extra push and can be helpful at times, this can be circles or back and forth. Most of the time you will point it directly at the chosen item, some will even strap it on the body to help with injuries! 

Directions for using the beamer:  

  • Use it to beam or electrically charge your food and fluids. 
  • You can beam your cosmetics, cleaners, gemstones. 
  • Sit with the stream at your root chakra to enhance a meditation. 
  • Point your beamer to any injured or inflamed body part to flush the zone. 
  • Put the beamer in your bath, plant water jug, or cooler to energize the water making it more hydrating and organic. 
  • The beamer makes an excellent no-needle acupuncture or reflex therapy device. Simply hold the device pointing towards the meridian point you want to release, usually takes maximum a minute to two minutes to feel the release. 


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