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Facial Reflexology Starter Kit (3Pc) includes Bonus - Express Care Cards


Our multireflex starter kit is your perfect set of tools for self care.  You can start working immediately on zones and bqc points.  Stimulation of these areas in unique formulas can relieve facial tension and release corresponding reflexes.  Improved health and skin are within your reach 


N°128 -Little Hammer

Beginner detector for point and zone work, Excellent for calming the mind and reducing stress/anxiety

N°206 - Yin Yang Roller

Allow for skin permeation, clearing acne and improving overall skin health

N°376 - Beauty Pad

Lymphatic movement, easy to use massage for the body, scaring, retexturing

BONUS - Express Care Cards

(10) express treatment cards

including acne, grounding, headaches/migraines, rejuvenating face lift, pregnancy discomfort, exhaustion, menopause, PMS, vertigo, pain crisis


Looking for more information the starter kit?  Join our education director Erica Weiland as she walks you through the tools and their amazing benefits.


Production - Our connection to the original Dien Chan method and the people of Vietnam is important.  Multireflex tools are proudly made in Vietnam within a facility that maintains safe working conditions and fair wages. 



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