Dien Chan + Chan'beauté

Reflex Program: Foundations of Dien Chan and Chan'beauté | Palm Springs, CA


Course Description

Our introductory certified course combines therapeutic solutions, natural aesthetics and well-being through step by step protocols and detecting styles.  In order to become a successful practitioner of Chan'beauté, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of Dien Chan. We learn to use facial diagnostics in a practical way, giving meaning to the reasons ‘imperfections’ show up on our face. This technique of natural aesthetics and therapeutic well-being is second to none when the origin of the imperfection is discovered and ultimately re-balanced. Investigating the expressions on our face can lead us to a greater understanding to solve many common issues.

The protocols studied are dissected during the 3 days training in order to best  comprehend their origins and effectively adapt them to every client.  By personalizing your care, you can achieve better results along with increased client loyalty.

To do this, we are analyzing the first essential diagrams and the different techniques for using multireflex tools. The solution to common beauty issues come easily when you allow yourself to understand that performing Dien Chan alongside Chan'beauté is the real answer to real results.



This modern technique seamlessly integrates beauty and therapy.


PROFESSIONALS Dien Chan + Chan'beauté

Reflexologists, massage therapists, , acupuncturists, sports medicine

Estheticians, makeup artists



Skincare, preventative medicine, first-aid




This program is where you begin your facial reflexology education.



Set in a private, retreat environment, our live training is a perfect opportunity to advance your skills and education in facial reflexology.  


Address of our training location will be made available to paid participants prior to the beginning of class



Nearby (by vehicle)

Downtown Palm Springs / Airport - 5min

Los Angeles International Airport -  2hrs

John Wayne Airport |  Orange County - 1h40min




Online | Date and Time

Announced soon!

Practical | Date and Time

Attendees will have the choice of two available training options


Option One: 

May 15 – 17, 2021

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Monday 9am - 1pm


Option Two:

May 25 – 27, 2021

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Monday 9am - 1pm


Included in your fee

  • °Reflex Series Professional Set (7pcs) - Including n°128, n°133, n°206, n°307, n°308, n°375, n°416
  • Participation Certificate (eligible for CEU credits)
  • Digital manual


Payment Options

More details coming soon


Erica Weiland is based in Victoria, Canada, she is the founder of the Reflexology Experience and a certified ISMDC instructor since 2017.   As a certified foot reflexology instructor and therapist, she is a passionate and knowledgeable educator.  With a diverse background in nutrition, reiki and personal training, Erica brings a unique perspective to the Dien Chan program, providing students the foundations of Dien Chan along with practical, real-world examples from the treatment room effective strategies to implement the method in their practice and everyday life, along with a working knowledge and practical experience to achieve lasting results for clients.



Director of Education (ISMDC) 

Certified Multireflexology Instructor (ISMDC)

Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher (RAC)



Reach out to Erica


Email: erica@reflexexp.com

Instagram: @reflex_appeal


This has been one of the best trainings I've participated in in years! I am impressed with Erica, with the company, with the methods and the tools & support offered. This training will change my business for the better - I can see so many ways to improve my treatments, client education of Skincare, self-care and Holistic Health. The apps provide more sophisticated reporting than anything I've received from any doctor. I'm excited to be part of the growth of Dien Chan and see all that is to come!  - Maggie K.  United States



Erica is an amazing teacher. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made the whole course such a pleasure to be part of. -  Judy Newbury, Australia



Erica is an exceptional educator and knowledgeable instructor. As a nurse practitioner, I personally appreciated her vast knowledge of body systems and her innate ability to relate intricate concepts in an easily understandable manner. She has an easy manner and relaxed teaching style. I have never been in a 3 day conference that was so fascinating that the time just flew by!  - Nancy G.  United States



Sometimes you're lucky enough to take a class that sends you running down a new and exciting path. Multireflex taught guided me in several new ways to improve my client's skin and overall health in the treatment room and beyond.   - Tata F.  United States



Erica is extremely knowledgeable about Dien Chan. She shared her content in an open, supportive fashion, where questions were encouraged and answered in a way that it can be used in a practical setting. Looking forward to the next course.  It changed my life! It empowered me to look at health in a different way. -Kati M.  Canada


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