Multireflex USA

Chan'beaute Complete | Professional Kit (12pcs w/ Minibook, Care Cards, Rica Roll)


Chan'beaute Complete | Professional Kit is the ultimate in therapy and skincare.  Esthetic   


Tools included:

N°128 - Little Hammer, N°133 - Comet Hammer, N°207 - Concave Roller with Yin Ball, N°219 - Small Rake with Roller, N°252 - Small Brush with Roller (x2), N°307 - Mini Double Yang Roller, N°308 - Mini Double Yin Roller, N°376 - Beauty Pad (x2), N°416 - Yin Rake, N°430 - Big Hammer

Also included:

Minibook of Diagrams, Express care cards, Tool Roll



Production - Our connection to the original Dien Chan method and the people of Vietnam is important.  Multireflex tools are proudly made in Vietnam within a facility that maintains safe working conditions and fair wages. 



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