Dien Chan

Nº424 - Massage Stick


Easy-grip cone stick, with one end larger in diameter than the other.  Its ergonomic form prevents tiring the fingers during manual work on the feet and back. A perfect substitute for the masseur’s thumb, the massage stick helps to undo knots in the muscles and work the back, thighs and shoulders without tiring your hands. Starting with the thicker end, loosen surface tensions and then work in depth using the smaller end.

Much appreciated by foot reflexologists, as it is useful for in-depth work on the reflex areas of the soles of the feet.  In the case of hypersensitivity to the thick detector, use the massage stick to carry out reflex drainage* on the face. Lubricate the smaller end of the stick and repeat the complete stimulation process 3 times to generate lymphatic drainage.


Production - Our connection to the original Dien Chan method and the people of Vietnam is important.  Multireflex tools are proudly made in Vietnam within a facility that maintains safe working conditions and fair wages. 



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