Chan'beaute Essentials | Kit (3pc with bonus protocols)


This is a great self-care Chan’beauté essentials kit.
The double mini rollers allow you to get double the benefits in a shorter amount of time. The mini yang and mini yin rollers are essential when working an entire face with our yang yin protocol. These double rollers make it so easy to resurface the face in seconds. Increasing micro circulation with yang helps to eliminate facial scars and even bring more blood flow to caesarean scars when working the body. Following up with yin rolling after the yang, distributes Qi and fluids properly in the body while aiding in lymphatic drainage. The comet detector is our favourite facial tool to perform the reflex drainage protocol and start working some essential zones on the face to rebalance the body’s natural function in order to repair the skin organically.


N°133 - Comet Detector

N° 307 - Double Mini Yang Roller

N° 308 - Double Mini Yin Roller

BONUS: PROTOCOL GUIDES (provided after your order)

Yang Yin Prelude - Digital PDF

Reflex Drainage - Digital PDF



Production - Our connection to the original Dien Chan method and the people of Vietnam is important.  Multireflex tools are proudly made in Vietnam within a facility that maintains safe working conditions and fair wages. 



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