Course Book - Multireflexology Dien Chan


Your ultimate facial reflexology resource, our course book provides readers the history, influence as well as protocols on how to treat a variety of ailments and illness.  This is a highly recommended book for all individuals starting Dien Chan or using the Multireflex Tools

Multireflexology - Dien Chan (190 pages) based on the work of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu connects the scientific western logic and the rationality to the traditional Asian philosophies. 

This book provides a guide to self-treatment, with the hope of avoiding needless prescription medicine in relieving pains.  Our Dien Chan treatments offer excellent results in the treatment of neurological, dermatological, digestive, circulatory, urinary disorders, and metabolic conditions. It also provides remedies for muscular problems, cramps, back pain, headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

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