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Live Online Training (8hr) APRIL 2020 - Introduction to Multireflexology Dien Chan for Self Care

$225 $275

Dien Chan and Chan'beauté are growing into hot topics in North America. With the spread of the fabulous and non-invasive multireflex skin care and body tools, we're ready to make sure your up to the task! 

Save the dates!

• April 20, 23, 27, 30

• 1pm - 3pm PST / 4pm - 6pm EST

Erica, lead instructor with the International School of Multireflexology- Dien Chan (ISMDC), is taking you on a little journey to help you navigate the intricacies of multireflexology. 

You will receive a participation certificate from ISMDC

*Please note this is online class is not eligible for certification with the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) 

Some of the topics you can look forward to in your live - online training are:

  • Where did this technique come from and what are the theories behind this technique that make it so powerful?
  • Answer your questions about why there are so many maps, some with diagrams and some with points. How do I know which one I'm using and why. 
  • Dive a little deeper into how we use the tools on the face and body to help promote our natural healing system and encourage the body to flow with total ease and grace, relieving us and our friends of the many nagging symptoms we face. 
  • Learn some general zones on the face for specific conditions: breathing, eliminating, mood balancing, insomnia, pain and skin improvements like acne, face-lifting, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Get to know your own face! What is it telling you and what should you be paying attention to? We will be getting more familiar with the ways our face is the mirror to our health. 
  • Have some take-home ready ways to treat yourself and feel more confident in the skin you live in.
  • Receive a participation certificate for 8 hours that can be used for CEU credits. You will be able to work on yourself, family and friends with this small educational course. 
  • If you choose to follow this training up and take our in-person training, receive a discount towards your certification training. 


Webinar replay will be made available for all registrants, for up to one year

Two options for registration:

· Registration only - $225

· Registration with 3pc facial reflexology starter kit and bonus care cards- $350

Your tool set includes: Nº128 - Little Hammer, Nº206 - Yin/Yang Roller, Nº376 - Beauty Pad.  These will be shipped to you prior to the event with no charge for shipping.


Production - Our connection to the original Dien Chan method and the people of Vietnam is important.  Multireflex tools are proudly made in Vietnam within a facility that maintains safe working conditions and fair wages. 



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