our 8hr Multireflexology for self-care w/ tool training

New class coming this April


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School of Facial Reflexology

The International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) is the leader in Dien Chan training across the globe - since 2002.  If you are looking to start a new career, enhance your existing professional services or simply looking for the most effective natural health and skin care solutions, Multireflex can set you on the right path.  Let's explore the power and artistry that is Dien Chan

Journey Begins

Introduction to Dien Chan

Beginnning this March, immerse yourself with our introductory online class. available at your fingertips. Learn the foundations of Dien Chan for self-care along with how to best use Multireflex Tools

3 Day Introductory Training

DienChan'Reflex w/ Chan'beaute

Certified live training classes in the United States and Canada


Continuing Education

Enhance your skills set  and fundamentals with specialized training for our existing students

BQC Points and Formulas

DienChan'Pro +'Clinic

3 - Day Live Training

Become an industry leader or certified instructor


See our Chan'beauté Holistic Reflex Facial


Erica Weiland - ISMDC global education director