Holistic Therapy meets skincare


Chan'Beaute is the Artistry and Elegance of facial reflexology

International School of Multireflexology Dien Chan

Self-care and professional education

The International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) is the leader in Dien Chan training across the globe - since 2002.  If you are looking to start a new career, enhance your existing professional services or simply looking for the most effective natural health and skin care solutions, Multireflex can set you on the right path.  Let's explore the power and artistry that is Dien Chan

For the enthusiast and professional

The journey

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn this technique for self-care, integration to existing professional services, or a new standalone profession. Lets walk you through the process.

Reflex Series | Course One

Introduction to Facial reflexology | 10hrs

Available at your fingertips, immerse yourself with our self-care online class.. Learn the foundations of Dien Chan for self-care along with how to best use Multireflex Tools to assist with common conditions and skin care.


Module One | Reflex Program

Complete Course | ONLINE + LIVE PRACTICAL | 32hrs

The Reflex Program is the beginning point for those looking to study facial reflexology. This introductory program covers both Dien Chan (the therapeutic component) and Chan'beauté (our skincare component)

Dien Chan facial reflexology is about getting familiar with faces, learning how to project diagrams properly and how to start asking the right questions for advanced diagnostic possibilities. Throughout this series you will learn the original intentions of this natural healing art form along with its creative opportunities. Understanding how you can simply communicate with yourself through the lines, moles and marks of the face is the focus of these classes. Let your inner healer speak! 

Dien Chan is a Vietnamese-born technique allowing the practitioner to become a true Care Designer in the complimentary health field. 

Professional Program

DienChan'Pro +Chan'beauté | 25HRS

3 - Day Live Training

Clinician Program

DienChan'Clinic + Chan'beauté Advanced

Coming Soon